Rental Services

Rental Services


Own apartment for rent?

Call Charlie to lease your rental property.

We’ll show your apartment and get you the right tenant to fill any vacancy using whatever leases and documents you require. Charlie can help get you signed leases in plenty of time for the next school year.

From posting your property on rental search sites, to showing your property to potential tenants Charlie has you covered!

Call 607-269-RENT (607-269-7368) to cash in on your housing investment.


Students Looking to Rent?

We know that hundreds or Binghamton University and Broome Community College Students rent in the Binghamton area. 

Our targeted marketing insures that students find the rentals they are looking for at the right price.

We walk you through the rental process from showing you the apartments you want to see to filling out applications to signing the lease and getting the keys.

Charlie has relationships with Binghamton’s best landlords and can get you into the apartment you're looking for.

Weather you’re looking for next semester or moving in the middle of the school year, we have the apartments you’re looking for.


Let us know how we can help you, Send Us A Message!

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find you the perfect student rental!

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